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Our Services

Intervoke provides the pharma and medical device industries with Method of Action 3D videos using our own scientifically verified 3D models to train medical professionals. We specialize in optimized content delivery, which means taking our own high resolution, photorealistic 3D models and working with cutting edge technology to develop MoA/MoD marketing videos for investor relations, doctors, patient education, hospital staff, surgeons, pharma reps, and students. 3D animation videos show how new technology works on intricate levels, when details are crucial for drug treatment and surgical techniques. Intervoke also provides a rich interactive web GL programming interface to use with our own 3D models for annotation implementation. This immersive interface or Web 3D is available with our 3D models, while annotations can be applied to anatomy and physiology for teaching purposes, and available in real time.

Intervoke works closely with universities and teaching hospitals providing immersive training solutions for student and patient education. We create custom curriculum software for learning management systems used by medical students and complex teaching platforms for patient education used by doctors to explain medical diagnosis and treatment. Learning management systems, such as Blackboard, are used to track student performance within the online curriculum based content. Whether a student is learning a new surgical technique or studying anatomy and physiology, our custom applications are built with unlimited chapters and testing to increase learning retention. And, doctors need to help patients understand their disease and method of treatment. We engineer custom learning platforms to show step-by-step procedures, using our own custom 3D models for patient education. Our intuitive interface design concepts and scientifically accurate 3D models bring awareness and education to patients in need of understanding their disease and treatment, during a time when things need to be easy to understand and presented using the latest technology for education. Our UI/UX designers capture rich insights inside of our UNITY platform for immersive applications that have custom touch screen interaction, and rendered for VR or AR.

About Our Studio

INTERVOKE is a full-service digital education studio specializing in custom interactive app development. We take complex narratives and procedures and create clear and concise immersive educational platforms, patient education software, and MOA/MOD 3D animation videos.

Our studio is located in the center of downtown Denver, Colorado where it provides quick access to the commuter light rail system that leads to other major transportation hubs all over, including the Denver International Airport.

Our experienced experts have perfected the art and science behind building professional grade interactive applications with clear and accurate detail. Our comprehensive Unity mobile app development services allows us to integrate our custom 3D content into any build, and we deploy to 25 industry-leading software platforms. We also have one of the largest in-house triple GPU Redshift render farms in the US. This is critical for rendering for high quality 3D animations quickly.


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