Courtroom Animation

3D Courtroom Animation for Precise Case Visualization

Did you know that  91% of juries better recall information communicated in video form  than any other form of communication?

Intervoke offers an unrivaled level of detail and clarity so your evidence will be presented in the most compelling way possible. Let our forensic animation team help make your courtroom cases come to life with engaging 3D animations. Through courtroom animation, lawyers can effectively educate jurors, visualize personal injuries, illustrate medical malpractice, and reconstruct car crashes. These powerful visual tools enhance the clarity and impact of legal arguments, leading to more informed and favorable jury decisions.

With our courtroom animations, rest assured that your jurors will arrive at the right verdict without having to piece together fragmented evidence. We are proud to be your trusted partner and look forward to delivering excellent results every time. See our work below, and let us make your forensic evidence come to life!

Our 3D animation solutions have succeeded in numerous court cases, providing jurors with comprehensive visual depictions of medical reconstructions, accident simulations, and other complex scenarios. We understand how emotional the courtroom can be and strive to provide accurate, impactful, and influential visuals. With our powerful animations, you can present your case most effectively, giving your client the best chance for a successful outcome.

Advantages of Using Legal Visualizations in Court

  • Animation reveals the complexities behind improper or negligent medical treatment or devices.

  • Simplify complex medical terminologies, convoluted facts, and conflicting stories.

  • Show moving parts and evolving processes to provide greater transparency.

  • Highlight key takeaways or important data points.

  • Break down key stages to show simplified processes so it's easy to understand.

  • See how things change over time, like the weather, time of day, and perspectives.

  • Accelerate or slow down time to focus on the changing details.

  • Use visual symbols to communicate a complex idea and make it simple and effective.

3D Courtroom Animations

3D animation is a powerful tool for attorneys to help them explain and visualize the events in question. It allows viewers to easily comprehend complex data points, understand the case's narrative, and grasp the main arguments. By utilizing 3D animation, it's possible to turn confusing expert testimony into an engaging video that puts the viewer on the edge of their seat. Our animations can help attorneys win their cases and impact juries.

2D Courtroom Animations

Effective illustrations can be used to aid the jury in understanding and comprehending evidence, which helps to ensure that your message is heard. They are also a great way of conveying the events before, during, and after an incident clearly and concisely. By using visuals to explain concepts or scientific evidence, complex facts can be quickly and easily understood. Illustrations give jurors the confidence to make more accurate, fair, and unbiased decisions.

3D Forensic Reconstructions

Our reconstructions can make it feel like you have traveled back in time to capture an event from the ideal perspective. By using 3D reconstructed environments, it is possible to accurately identify and measure the behaviors of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicle drivers. This technology can be used to analyze the movement of a person or vehicle over a certain period of time and also allows us to gain insight into how different environmental factors can affect the manner in which they interact with their surroundings.

Courtroom Animation Pricing

Let us guide you through the complex world of courtroom visuals with our cutting-edge 3D animation solutions. We will guide you through multi-million dollar outcomes with our visually powerful and accurate animations. We are committed to delivering a top-notch product that exceeds customer expectations and ensures success for our clients.

Forensic Animation & The Estimated Costs

3D forensic animation pricing can vary depending on the required complexity and level of detail needed. For example, 2D illustration costs are defined by important details like size, style, and amount of detail. With animation, it's the quality, duration, and type of editing software used, plus the project's complexity. Higher-quality animations take longer to create and cost more.

Simplistic Animation

Advanced Animation

Complicated Animation

$140 /Second
$380 /Second
$480 /Second

Forensic Print Graphics Estimated Costs

3D animation may not be your most economical visualization solution if your budget is under a few thousand dollars. An alternative solution is a print graphic such as a 2D or 3D illustration. This will replicate some of the qualities of animation but at a substantially lower cost.

Visual Process Used

Low Detail

High Detail

2D Illustration
3D Illustration
Graphic PNG
Layered PSD

Our 3D Animation Workflow

Select Workflow
This image shows an image sequences from intervokes demo reel.

Our team starts pre-production by defining your objectives, timeframe, budget and content resources to develop the end product. After we have defined the project and the end user, our team of Project Managers, Art Directors, and Animators work closely together to plan development.

A storyboard demonstration for Intervoke's 3D medical and courtroom animation services.

Once the script has been reviewed and approved by our team, we focus on bringing the visuals to life through a storyboarding process. Our storyboards serve as the blueprint for our productions - taking all ideas from conception to completion.

Four images showing MoA and MoD demonstrations for Intervoke's 3D medical and forensic animation offerings.

The 3D elements developed by the graphics team are then used to produce the animations. Our animators use these still images as a reference to ensure that the final product matches the vision of the concept. This process helps ensure accuracy and consistency, as well as provides an opportunity for any necessary revisions or adjustments before proceeding with production.

An image showing an illustrative 3D image before textures have been added.

3D animations will be created using the approved storyboards and style sheets, staying true to the original direction. Pre-animatic videos at a lower quality will be used to provide client feedback with visual direction. This reduces the number of iterations needed for completion.

Finally, additional video editing is completed to incorporate branding, updates or changes, including sound effects to finish the video.

We then discuss with our clients if there are any specific delivery formats needed like MP4 or MOV. The final product can be delivered in a variety of formats according to customer requirements.

A microscopic view of a t-cell.

Ready to bring your science to life? Contact us or book a discovery call to get started.

Ready to bring your science to life?

Contact us or book a discovery call to get started.