An image depicting Intervoke's 3D Physiology of the Eye exhibit.

The Physiology of the Eye

An interactive anatomical training platform for the human eye

The Physiology of the Eye" is an interactive anatomical training tool that shows you how the eye functions using accurate 3D models. At any time, inside of the app, the user can pause the play button, and interact with the models. It is designed to teach the important features and functions of the eye’s structure using 3D animation, and then test your comprehension.

How it Works

The Physiology of the Eye features two modes. It starts in a real-time automatic training mode that self-guides you through our visual content with a voice over. At any time in this training application, the user can push the Play/Pause button on the sidebar (top right) and switch to our interactive training mode. This is the most popular way to use the application, because it allows the user to choose which areas they need to focus on and learn at their own pace. This medical training application also includes a testing system to judge your learning comprehension. This will provide you with a final GPA at the end of the course.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1 - Anatomical Direction and the Cardinal Body Planes

  • Chapter 2 - The Muscles of the Eye

  • Chapter 3 - Test your Knowledge on Anatomical Direction and Body Planes

  • Chapter 4 - The Globe Physiology

  • Chapter 5 - Lens Accommodation

  • Chapter 6 - The Flow of the Aqueous Humor

  • Chapter 7 - Test your Knowledge on The Globe Physiology

Platform Functionality & Features

  • Learn at your own pace using our interactive menu to jump around from chapter to chapter!

    This includes: cornea, iris, anterior chamber, posterior chamber, aqueous humor, pupil, lens, zonular fibers, suspensory ligaments, ciliary body, vitreous humor, sclera, choroid layer, retina, vascular layer, fibrous layer, trabecular meshwork, extrinsic muscles, accommodation, cardinal body planes: sagittal, coronal, transverse.

  • Anatomical Direction: lateral, medial, anterior, proximal, distal, posterior, superior, inferior, and dorsal

  • Choose High-Quality or Low-Quality 3D Models based on your hardware choice

  • Tap, Zoom, Rotation - Pinch to zoom, drag to rotate, touch 3D model to show content labels

  • Three finger Chapter Navigation – Touch the screen at any time to open new chapters

  • Interactive Navigation - Jump to interactive mode and automatic mode at any time

  • Interactive 3D multi-choice quizzes

  • Automated voice over

  • Free periodic updates

The Physiology of the Eye in VR

This is an educational VR experience that teaches you about the anatomical structures and physiology of the eye. This includes an interactive feature with a labeling system which allows you to find out more about the exact 3D piece to get an in-depth understanding of each structure. This medical training application also includes a testing system to judge your learning comprehension. This will provide you with a final GPA at the end of the course. This platform is also available in Mandarin.

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