Mechanism of Action and Mechanism of Disease Animations

What is the Mechanism or Mode of Action (MoA) and the Mechanism of Disease (MoD)?

When speaking of MoA, this can either mean Mechanism of Action (changes at the molecular level) or Mode of Action (changes to the cellular anatomy).

An example of Mechanism of Action would be that a given drug blocks a receptor on a cell, such as a beta blocker. Mode of Action, on the other hand, is a more general term that would encompass the effects of a beta blocker on a cell to ultimately reduce blood pressure.

An illustration showing an MoA / MoD pathway in 3D animation format.
An illustration showing an MoA / MoD pathway in 3D animation format.

In general, MoA refers to the biochemical changes in response to a given substance.

The term MoD, or Mechanism of Disease, is similar to MoA in that it describes the cellular changes in anatomy, but in this case from a healthy to a diseased state. It is critical to understand how a disease is causing changes in the body at the cellular and molecular level to begin creating treatment options.

While drugs are most often taken orally or intravenously, disease transmission could be from direct contact (body to body contact), indirect contact (touching a contaminated object), droplets (e.g. sneezing in someone's face), airborne (infectious residue suspended in air), or vector (e,g, from a tick).

Another example of a mechanism of disease is how mesothelioma spreads and infects other cells in the body causing cancer.

In general, MoD is how someone can become infected and how infected anatomy transitions from a healthy to a diseased state. MoA defines how drugs can be used to combat that infection at the cellular and molecular level.

In order for MoA or MoD animations to have an impact, they need to accurately represent the topic. Intervoke specializes in creating scientifically accurate 3D models that are as detailed and as realistic as the human body.

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We speak science, so we can interpret your content on a level that drives successful education and training. Our team has extensive knowledge of complex biochemical processes and pharmacological interactions. Intervoke’s artists and animators take complex scripted narratives and procedures and create clear and concise immersive MoA animations showing compelling molecular animations. Using new-age rendering techniques to create microscopic details with an unparalleled level of clarity. Taking viewers into a compelling microscopic world which accurately provides them with the drug’s mechanism of action.


We clearly represent our products to make an impact when entering the market. This gives our clients the right momentum to carry deep into their life cycles. Using varying visual styles and industry standard output formats, we can customize your MoA to accommodate different target audiences and budgets. This is essential to ensure your product is understood and memorable.

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