BioCloud3D Human Anatomy

Interactive 3D Human Anatomy for Healthcare Professionals, Patients and Students.

BioCloud3D is an in-depth human anatomical platform brought to you by Intervoke. Access detailed & interactive 3D anatomical visuals directly from your browser, whether on desktop or mobile - no apps, download or plugins required.

Medical Marketing & Patient Engagement

BioCloud3D's content is meticulously crafted under the guidance of esteemed medical professionals: from physicians and surgeons to certified medical illustrators, artists, and technical medical writers.

With our tailored solutions, you can elevate your brand's presence and seamlessly integrate BioCloud3D models into your website. We specialize in crafting custom anatomical visuals that highlight surgical procedures, therapeutic interventions, and various disease states. These interactive animations are not only scientifically accurate but also serve as invaluable tools for training HCP’s and for patient education. Additionally, they are perfect for medical marketing strategies tailored for the life sciences sector.

Whether you're looking to educate healthcare professionals or promote medical products, our custom visuals can make your message both compelling and clear.

BioCloud3D - Interactive Human Anatomy Education

BioCloud 3D offers a digital library of detailed human 3D anatomy accessible straight from your web browser. It is designed specifically for healthcare professionals and patient education as well as biology and pre-med students.

Dive deep into our 3D models to explore comprehensive anatomical details, each labeled and defined. Enjoy the ability to zoom, pan, and interact with the models for a more detailed study of anatomy and physiology.

Further enhance your learning experience by drawing and typing directly onto the models and recording your interactions for presentations, healthcare professional training, and patient education. Plus, with our Enterprise Plan, you can tailor the interface for your company or institution by integrating your personal branding and embedding it onto your own unique BioCloud3D portal.

We offer three distinct plans:

  1. Individual Plan: Ideal for students, this plan facilitates the study of anatomy and physiology with on-screen drawing and typing. It also features audio & video recording capabilities for presentations.

  2. Educator Plan: Perfect for large entities like universities.

  3. Enterprise Plan: Targeted at training healthcare professionals and educating patients, it allows users to customize and brand our 3D anatomy content for website promotion and integration.

How Did We Create BioCloud3D?

Intervoke founded BioCloud 3D in 2020, drawing from its extensive experience in crafting scientifically precise 3D content tailored for medical training, MoA/MoD animations, and WebGL technologies. With a track record spanning 7 years as a frontrunner in the realm of digital medical content, Intervoke has contributed all the 3D anatomy visuals for BioCloud3D exclusively for medical & educational initiatives.

Recognizing the burgeoning interest from students, healthcare practitioners, academic institutions, and pharmaceutical entities in leveraging our 3D human anatomy for diverse educational applications, BioCloud3D was envisioned and brought to life.

Our core mission is to captivate our audience visually, amplifying knowledge retention among students, healthcare experts, and patients, making it a resource for clinics, universities, pharmaceutical sectors, and medical device companies alike.

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