3D Medical Animation

Engaging Medical Animations to Accurately Convey Complex Science.

INTERVOKE brings extensive experience in the healthcare industry, offering valuable insights for creating informative and engaging medical animations to effectively explain your products. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and collaborate closely with you to craft the most impactful narrative possible. To achieve this, we partner with a range of medical and scientific experts who help interpret the technical complexities necessary for developing accurate yet easily understandable visual narratives. Our visual effects team leverages this expert knowledge as a foundation to create captivating visuals. Using industry-standard 3D software, modeling, animation, visual effects, and artistry, we ensure that our animations not only communicate the intricacies of medical devices and pharmaceutical products but also enhance sales efforts in these areas. Whether your focus is on medical device sales, pharmaceutical sales, or both, INTERVOKE is committed to delivering high-quality, visually compelling content that resonates with your target audience.

Planning Your 3D Medical Animation

  • The length of 3D animations is an important factor to consider when producing a video. It affects the overall price and should be taken into account in the budgeting process. As demonstrated by the graphic below, longer videos will naturally have higher production costs. That being said, certain styles may require more time depending on the level of detail or complexity desired.

  • For example, if you are looking for photorealism, your animation might require additional rendering time to achieve realism. Additionally, some videos might benefit from spending more time on development, which increases the duration of the video as well as its quality.

  • It's important to consider all of these elements when planning a 3D animation project, as they will affect both cost and the timeline. If you are unsure of what length is optimal for your project, we can help you decide on the right balance between budget and quality. With the right approach, your 3D animation will be well worth the investment.

Three Contributing Factors to 3D Medical Animation Costs

These 3 elements are the primary contributing factors to your animation project's overall price.

A diagram showing the primary contributing factors to Intervoke's 3D animation service pricing.
  • Amount of Detail: The amount of detail required for an effective 3D animation can drastically affect the cost. For example, a simple walk sequence would require less effort and be less expensive than animating someone walking with a walking disorder, which is more complex and time-consuming to illustrate. Consider the ultimate goal for your animation: if you need advanced motions or details that require extra time to represent the accuracy, this will add to the cost. One of the most critical stages is discussing your project goals in detail so we can determine a solid estimate of how much time and money goes into creating a realistic representation of what you're looking for in an animation. Doing so will help ensure you get the most out of your investment in 3D anatomy on screen.

  • Visual Quality: You may want something simple like 2D flat cartoon-like animations using frame-based iconography and 2D vector graphics. Or choose top-quality photorealistic 3D motion graphics with increased layers and levels of detail. All these differences can drastically increase the animation's potency and make it engaging and memorable. Viewing portfolio examples on our website is a great way to determine the visual quality before deciding. Also, to make it easier, provide us with some visual references, as we can use these to recreate almost any look and feel. Understanding the differences between each style and technique can help ensure you make the right choice to budget for your project.

  • Total Duration: The length of the 3D animation is an essential factor to consider. Longer animations will require more time and resources and, thus, be more expensive. Having multiple elements in animation, such as a beating heart, with blood flow and other microbiology, can add to the complexity and cost of production. When measuring costs for 3D animations, most studios charge based on each second of animation created. However, it should also be considered that not all parts of an animation are equal; some portions may use the same assets, which can reduce the time required to produce them and subsequently decrease the overall cost.

    By keeping track of the amount of detail, quality, duration, and the reuse of specific assets, you can better understand what your 3D animation will cost.

3D Model Examples:

Below are a few examples of our 3D medical anatomy to streamline production on your projects.


Costs for medical animation or illustration vary greatly depending on the required complexity and level of work. Listed below is a breakdown of some of the typical details used to determine cost.

Simplistic Animation

Higher Quality Animation

Advanced Animation

$120 - $220 /Second
$240 - $340 /Second
$360 - $460 /Second
$3,600 - $6,600

Medical Print Graphics Estimated Costs

3D animation may not be your most economical visualization solution if your budget is under a few thousand dollars. An alternative solution is a print graphic such as a 2D or 3D illustration. This will replicate some of the qualities of animation but at a substantially lower cost.

Visual Process Used

Low Detail

High Detail

2D Illustration
3D Illustration
Graphic PNG
Layered PSD

WebGL Interactive 3D Estimated Costs

3D animation may not be your most economical visualization solution if your budget is under a few thousand dollars. An alternative solution is a print graphic such as a 2D or 3D illustration. This will replicate some of the qualities of animation but at a substantially lower cost.

Visual Process Used

Low Detail

High Detail

3D Web Interactive
Web Package
Custom Website

3D Modeling Pricing

Project Element

Cost Estimates

Hourly Rate

Clients needed 3D format.
Process: Freeform modeling to construct, sculpt, paint, and finally animate assets. Using these industry-standard tools: Maya, 3ds max, Topogun, and Zbrush.
Charged by the Project or by the Hour. This price would be determined based on how the 3D model would be used. For example: Will it be used in an animation? Will it be viewed up close? If you increase detail it increases the cost.

These estimates above cannot replace a solid cost calculation based on a detailed briefing and subsequent proposal. This helps eliminate any change orders. Please note any outside scope costs are billed at $90 per hour.


Our 3D Animation Workflow

Select Workflow
This image shows an image sequences from intervokes demo reel.

Our team starts pre-production by defining your objectives, timeframe, budget and content resources to develop the end product. After we have defined the project and the end user, our team of Project Managers, Art Directors, and Animators work closely together to plan development.

A storyboard demonstration for Intervoke's 3D medical and courtroom animation services.

Once the script has been reviewed and approved by our team, we focus on bringing the visuals to life through a storyboarding process. Our storyboards serve as the blueprint for our productions - taking all ideas from conception to completion.

Four images showing MoA and MoD demonstrations for Intervoke's 3D medical and forensic animation offerings.

The 3D elements developed by the graphics team are then used to produce the animations. Our animators use these still images as a reference to ensure that the final product matches the vision of the concept. This process helps ensure accuracy and consistency, as well as provides an opportunity for any necessary revisions or adjustments before proceeding with production.

Finally, additional video editing is completed to incorporate branding, updates or changes, including sound effects to finish the video.

We then discuss with our clients if there are any specific delivery formats needed like MP4 or MOV. The final product can be delivered in a variety of formats according to customer requirements.

A microscopic view of a t-cell.

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