3D Artist /VFX/ Generalist

Remote freelance position:

A generalist with a minimum of 3 years experience in 3D modeling, animation, lighting, texturing, UVs and basic character rigging. Experience in the Games, Medical, Biotech or Pharmaceutical fields a plus. With experience working with multiple projects. Must be self-motivated, able to multitask, and show the experience to demonstrate outstanding creative and technical problem solving ability.

Advanced Software Experience: Maya, 3ds Max, ZBrush, After Effects, Photoshop, Redshift.


  • 3D modeling, animation, lighting, texturing & creating advanced topology, UVs and basic character rigging.
  • Showing advanced experience creating photorealistic imagery and animations rendering in Redshift or Vray. Redshift preferred.
  • Develop high quality 2D and 3D art assets including models, and textures using Substance painter.
  • Compositing animation tempo for music and voiceover timing.
  • Producing animated graphics, ranging from logo animations, animation/live action-hybrid graphics, to full productions.
  • Aptitude for quick creative thinking with serious even obsessive attention to detail.
  • A solid understanding of the foundations in traditional art: light, value, color and composition, perspective, etc.
  • Post-Production / VFX for broadcast / film experience.

Other Skills not required but a definite plus:

  • Compositing and Post Production VFX using Nuke.
  • Unity 3D & Texturing using Substance, MARI, or Mudbox.
  • Programming (C#, C++, Python) & 3D Game Development experience.
  • Background in Sciences: Anatomy, Mathematics, Applied Physics.

Applicants without a Demo Reel will not be considered.


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