An image showing cell division to illustrate Intervoke's medical animation service potential.

About Intervoke

Experts in 3D Medical & Courtroom Animation, Immersive Education, and Interactive Healthcare Solutions

Who We Are

Intervoke develops custom medical animation, healthcare education software, and web apps for the medical community. We create Mechanism of Action (MoA) and Mechanism of Disease (MoD) videos for pharma, legal courtrooms, medical device companies, hospitals and clinics. Our goal is to help our clients develop interactive applications and animations used in marketing, patient education, and provider training for healthcare professionals to demonstrate the use of therapeutics, medical devices, procedures and different disease states.

We are industry experts in delivering top-tier 3D animations for both medical and courtroom scenarios. Our animations demystify the intricacies of medical devices, drug administration, and offer clear insights for legal proceedings. When precision is the call – be it for drug treatments, surgical strategies, medical device training, or courtroom demonstrations – our 3D animations deliver with unmatched clarity and impact.


“Absolutely Incredible! That is the best way to describe my experience working with Intervoke. Tyler and his team put together stunning visuals with so much flexibility in functionality and application to meet your needs. Every step of the way, the Intervoke team provided incredible service and made sure everything was just right. Can't wait to work with Intervoke again."

- Kyle Householder,
Teva Pharmaceuticals


"Great company. Successfully navigated through two complicated medical animations. Tyler and team had great patience. They were dedicated to making sure everything was complete."

- Christopher Coveney,
Sunrise Medical


"Intervoke was very responsive and easy to work with in the development of a key scientific education tactic. We were pleased with their collaboration throughout the project and with the final end result."

- Liz Scott,
Senior Director of Melanoma Marketing
Pfizer /Array Biopharma


"Thank you so much for the great work you and your team did. I'm highly impressed with the level of detail and finesse of the illustration. Beautiful work! I look forward to working with you again!"

- Monica Serrano,
Senior Graphic Editor
National Geographic Partners


"The 3D brain model from Intervoke is the most accurate brain models I have seen; the details of both the gyri/sulci and the internal structure (basal ganglia, limbic system) make it the closest alternative to the real brain."

- Dimitrios Mytilinaios MD, PHD,
Head of Content
Kenhub GMBH


"Working with Intervoke was a great experience. Their team was easy to work with, creative, innovative, and collaborative. I will no doubt look forward to work with them again. Their work is amazing!"

- Cathy Esperti,
Jones & Bartlett Learning

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