An image showing cell division to illustrate Intervoke's medical animation service potential.



Intervoke specializes in life sciences educational content development. That's 3D human anatomy, medical animation, and interactive healthcare education software. We take medical narratives and procedures and create clear and concise 3D animations and immersive educational platforms demonstrating pharmaceutical drug treatments, medical devices and surgical procedures.

To be qualified for this position this applicant will need to have experience working on projects that have a foundation in 3D models, animation and/or graphic design. This would include general knowledge of the process involved with how these projects are developed to understand the resources you have available and how long projects would take to be created. This includes Storyboarding, Concept design, 3D modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Animation and Video Compositing. The Project Manager position will be client facing.

Also, helping to manage these project communications using tools like Gmail, Slack, Jira and Confluence to effectively prioritize project deliverables for life science projects with a focus in 3D modeling, animation, and even some software development. You will be managing a remote team of 3D artists to bring concepts to life, you'll have creative freedom every step of the way.


  • Manage client relationships and oversee project development. This includes submitting changes to ensure the timely implementation of project updates to guarantee client satisfaction.

  • Serve as a liaison between the client and 3D production studio operations to foster and strengthen the client partnership.

  • Conceptualize 3D art initiatives for client proposals in close collaboration with the Intervoke founding team.

  • Establish organic art production pipelines in coordination with in-house or contracting team members

  • Provide oversight and direction in the form of reviews, critiques, and discussions to achieve the highest quality of artistic and technical standards

  • Recruit, vet, and onboard potential new members of Intervoke's teams

  • Communicate with teams under Intervoke's external partnerships to align goals and coordinate deliverables

  • Engage with the Intervoke community. Be responsive to feedback directly from the community and the team


  • 4+ years of experience in Project Management, 3D Animation, Entertainment, Gaming, or Graphic Design Agency.

  • Experience modeling, rigging, and texturing using Maya, 3dsmax or other 3D art packages

  • Knowledge and experience of Adobe Photoshop & AfterEffects is a plus.

  • Experience creating and optimizing 3D art pipelines

  • Experience with directing projects from start to finish

  • Experience working with and without concept art references

  • Pharmaceutical, medical device, and/or biotechnology sales training experience is a plus.

  • Online portfolio with 2D and 3D work